Well hello there. My name is  James C. Neat or known as Neat 3 Photography. I currently reside in Louisville, KY and act as a Film/Digital Projectionist for the Speed Cinema at the Speed Art Museum.  My background has been mainly video production having served on a few movie/TV film sets, as well as filming numerous weddings and shorts until the photography bug hit me in late 2013 (technically it started well before this, but only in a small hobby form). Besides being a visual person and traveler/adventurer, I am a movie buff and music addict as well. I’m consistently listening to the radio or my own super cool awesome playlists that are always playing -- which consists of U2, Pink Floyd, Sigur Rós, AC/DC, Of Monsters and Men, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, 80s Pop, John Williams, various Classical, old Jazz, etc... I'm always exploring old/new music. I grew up on a healthy dose of Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman: Animated Series, X-Men, Jurassic Park, Magnum P.I., and Nintendo.

My photos I believe are very versatile in nature.  I have photographed just about everything that I can, or would want to.  Being a person of cinematic influence, I hope you will be able to see that in my photo aesthetic. Every photographer tries to bring something different to their style and I'm certain I did that. Some people have commented that I’ve got a very commercial look, and that’s true.

I absolutely love doing this and I'm willing to collaborate in achieving a photo that you are looking for. If you are interested acquiring my services, interested in purchasing a photograph for licensing purposes, or want to buy one for your wall, please use the 'Contact' tab so we can discuss further. Even if you just want to say "Hi" and leave a comment on my work I'll take that too. We can even talk about movies and music if you'd like. Also, be sure to visit my Instagram page so you can follow me (click on the icon button below). And if you have read this far... thank you!

P.S. - Winter is Coming...

*I use Canon gear and a Carl Zeiss/Canon lenses. Apple. Lightroom. Final Cut Pro 7. iTunes. Wine. Stout/Sour Beers.